(Link) 46 Million American’s in Poverty – NPQ asks why Candidates are not disccusing

This is a great article highlighting the growing rates of poverty and asking why no political candidate is discussing this issue that is plaguing so many of us:  http://nonprofitquarterly.org/policysocial-context/21078-candidates-46-million-americans-in-poverty-discuss.html Advertisements

Part 4: Japanese American National Museum (and what history would like to forget)

Imagine one Saturday you’re at home doing whatever you normally do on a Saturday. Maybe your children are in the back yard playing, your husband is in the office working, and you’re juggling between a weeks worth of laundry and preparing lunch….. Suddenly there is a harsh banging on the door. When you open it […]

The Black Panther Party and FBI (Update)

For those of you questioning the FBI involvement instigating clashes with the Black Panther party; it seems this week it was discovered that a key player in the movement, Richard Aoki, who supplied guns and weapons training to Black Panther leaders was actually an FBI informant. This article can be found here at SF Gate: […]

Part 3: Central Valley, Immigration, and Becoming a Well Informed Voter

Irma Medellin stands in front of our group and beams ear to ear as she welcomes us into her community, “We wish we had someplace to welcome you, but what we do have is yours.” The place she has welcomed us is her community center, an aluminum tarped canopy that sits in the side yard […]

What’s the Biblical View on Immigration?

What do you think of when you hear the word immigrant? Do you picture a Mexican day laborer?  A family you saw at the grocery store (buying tortillas)? Perhaps your mind drifts to political pundits and their squawking on telivision? Here are just a few phrases that came up when I did a Google search […]

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”: Systematic Racism and Suburbia

My thoughts come after viewing  Race – The Power of an Illusion, Episode Three: The House We Live In. When I dream about my future, I think of living in a beautiful house in the suburbs with a hunky husband and adorable kids (who act nothing like I did because my kids are perfect!). I […]

Facts I Discovered About The Black Panther Party

UPDATE : Black Panther Party and FBI WHAT! Didn’t they hate white people or something? Weren’t they super militant and radical? Why are you writing about them? I’m a little concerned about your influences….. Calm down! First the answer is no (mostly). Like anything in life, I quickly learned these perceptions were based off of […]