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A Four Day Tour of Racial Awareness

How do you write about experiences that profoundly change your life? How can you capture in words emotion that has stirred your spirit and shifted your thinking? How do you explain to friends and family the convictions that burden your heart to lead you to make decisions that fly in the face of ‘conventionality’, foregoing the ‘American Dream’ to chase after justice? The frustration I find is, I can’t. Despite how much time I spend writing and re-writing, double checking the thesaurus, and trying to find new ways to convey ‘awe’ – I find it hard to explain. But that’s when I step back and discover, I do not have to. God never asks me to ‘explain’, he asks me to be obedient and to ‘follow him’. That is what I have chosen to do, follow him.

I leave you a series of posts that re-tell stories of people, hero’s, that I met over a four day trip called Journey to the Mosaic (J2M); a  journey that began in Oakland, CA and ended in L.A. listening to stories from African-Americans, Latin-American immigrants, and Asian-Americans of what it’s like living in the United States through their eyes and ears.

Part 1: David Hilliard, Black Panthers, and the African American Experience

Part 2: “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”: Systematic Racism in Suburbia

Part 3: Central Valley, Immigration, and Becoming a Well Informed Voter

Part 4: Japanese American National Museum (and what history would like to forget)

Part 5: The Fred Jordan Mission and walking Skid Row

Part 6: The call to use your ‘Privilege’ to eliminate ‘Privilege’


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